Salmon Fishing on the Finn
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The sprawling Glenmore Estate offers an unrivalled spectrum of sport over twelve months of the year.

For generations this sport was reserved for the owning family and their friends, now it is available to you.

Fresh runs of salmon enter the river on every spate, from before the season opens on March 1st until well after the last day of the season in mid-September.

By the time the rods are packed away for the winter, the stalking season has already been open for two weeks, going on to offer exceptional sport until the end of February.

At year’s end, while salmon are spawning in the rivers, the full-moon and hardening weather heralds the arrival of the woodcock and snipe. Add to the migratory waders the occasional grouse on the hills and the ducks flighting to our lakes and the quality and range of our rough shooting becomes apparent.

February offers our staff a brief respite before the cycle begins again with the start of the fishing season.

Pick your quarry and choose a month and let us plan a sporting break which will be the envy of those you leave at home.


Salmon and trout: 
March 1st until September 15th

Stags and bucks:  September 1st until December 31st
Hinds and does:  November 1st until February 28th

September 1st until September 30th

November 1st until January 31st

September 1st until January 31st

Snipe and woodcock: 
September 1st until January 31st


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